Daith piercing for migraine and anxiety!


Daith piercing for migraine and anxiety! - Is it an acupuncture point, just a placebo or a therapy called VNS?

It’s confusing don’t you think?



I am a researcher and I have now been monitoring the people I have pierced since 2012, getting feedback about how their progress is going. At first monitoring just migraine, headache, and anxiety, now a whole lot more.

In 2016 it became so obvious that this treatment was mimicking the results of Vagus Nerve Stimulation, except for One Thing. In many cases it was permanent.

Since then I have dedicated much of my time and resources into working out how to do this for the maximum benefit of not just migraine but the many neurological disorders it can treat.


The results speak for themselves.


My research so far has gained me a reputation for a very effective treatment, and I continue to refine the procedure for maximum benefit.

Please read the information and facts on my website, daith.co.uk and look at the videos on the YouTube channel.

Make your own mind up if you want a cosmetic piercing that may work well, may work for a couple of weeks or may not work at all.

Or you can take advantage of my experience and research and book your appointment at either Harley Street London or Burgess Hill in West Sussex.





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