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[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]

Diamond Solitaire Daith Ring / Gold & Platinum

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Diamond Solitaire Daith Ring. Choose from 10pt, 15pt, 20pt diamond for your diamond daith ring, with a VS quality diamond.

The colour on the diamond used in these daith rings is G/H, therefore it is a good white colour. The quality is high at VS quality.

We have paired this daith ring with an open backed collet to catch the maximum light and increase the sparkle.

Diamond size selection is 10 point (3mm), 15pt (3.4mm) or 20 point (3.8mm) price will vary accordingly. Choose from 14ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold and platinum.

The collet is tension set like all ball closure rings and captive bead rings.