Latest Migraine Results - data release Jan 2020


Yippee - Our results are yet again on the increase. 

Now showing a 79% success rate.

I am really pleased with my latest personal data.

It shows my work as one of the very few researches for VNS via a daith piercing is paying dividends. I have been collecting data since 2015.

Over the last 3 years I have been recording my success rate. Slowly but surely this has increased from month to month. Firstly, the consultation and method of testing has completely changed and is now more successful that ever before. The main changes being a series of tests, this also includes a pre-piercing test to measure the nerve stimulation available from each side. 

This is the latest data from my last 70 customers all who have been seen at the Sussex Clinic.

Nothing has been added or taken away. Data from Aug 2019 until present. 

Link to statistics from Burgess Hill Clinic 

This data shows an increase in my personal statistic of a 72% in August 2019 to 79% recorded Jan 2020