[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]
[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]
[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]
[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]

4mm Aquamarine Daith Jewellery / Gold & Platinum

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4mm Aquamarine Daith Jewellery. This daith jewellery contains a rare and stunning gemstone set in a BCR.

If rare gemstones appeal to you, the aquamarine daith jewellery will surely allure you with its aesthetic charm. The deep blue hue of the Aquamarine stone attracts attention in the first look and exhibits a soothing look that makes it similar to a light sapphire. The Aquamarine stone belongs to the beryl family, which is just like the emerald family and is deemed to bring prosperity in the life of the user.

Flaunting an “AAA” certification, the Aquamarine gemstone of this ring is natively found in Argentina, Australia, India, Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, and Sri Lanka. This water stone gets its colour from the iron content present in it and its amazing refraction index makes it dazzle in natural sunlight.

Popularly known as the throat chakra stone, this gemstone is known to repel dark energies and soothe tension. Exhibiting a round-cut, this aquamarine is set in a spherical frame and features a thick band whose size can vary in terms of thickness and length according to the user’s requirement.

You can also choose the metal that will be used to craft the daith jewellery of your choice and 18ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 14ct white gold and platinum are the available choices. Just give us your inputs and we will make the daith jewellery just the way you desire.