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Richard Soper
VNS Practitioner and CEO of BMG Jewellery

Richard started piercing in 1997 after enrolling in a piercing course with The International School of Body Piercing and has been running a jewellery business specialising in body jewellery ever since. In line with this he taught aerobics, step and free weight classes as well as doing personal training for 15 years. He is also a qualified reflexologist, personal trainer and Exercise to music teacher.

With relevance to this piercing Richard’s father Dr David Soper was one of the first European acupuncturists having trained in China and achieved the Nei Ching PHD as well as being a chiropractor, physiotherapist and chiropodist.

My passion is people, I love meeting people and developing relationships – Many of the people who come for this treatment remain good friends as this is a bonding process.

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Caroline Fagan
Customer Service Executive

I first started working for Richard in 2005 as Saturday staff as I still studying at the time. After collage I spent 3 years at a mailing company doing admin and customer support. Its great to be back here talking and advising customers via email and telephone. I deal with all your mailing along with general admin duties.

Hobbies and interests. Motorbikes, I love the speed and feel of bikes. Dancing – Jive is something I participate in every week and I love the feel of being on the dance floor. Socialising with friends.

Caroline Fagan Customer Service Executive at Daith

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Harley Street Daith Assistant & Administrator


Harley Street
Daith Assistant & Administrator

I have always been interested in this piercing as an ex-migraine sufferer myself. I actually had this piercing done as a customer in the Harley Street clinic. I love London and the vibe it gives me. Family and work are an important part of my life. I also work as an interpreter in London & the home counties.

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Hello, my name is Kayleigh, I am one of the Osteopaths at The Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath and I am here to help women with migraines to be pain free and live their lives. I work with daith.co.uk on a regular basis as referring people each way is an important part of what we do.  

I completed my degree to be an Osteopath after 4 years of training at Kingston. And I am also a qualified cranial osteopath.   

My background is in the beauty and massage industry  where I have gained over 12 years of experience. After my qualification in beauty and massage therapy, I worked on cruise liners as a deep tissue massage therapist and then after this I have worked in various spas and clinics around Sussex and Surrey including the award winning spa, Alexander House. 

I love working at The Perrymount Clinic where I provide Osteopathy, Cranial osteopathy, and Massage.

Migraines can be caused by neck and shoulder tension due to posture related changes.


Raised and rounded forward shoulders
Forward head carriage 
Heavy bust area 
Upper back in a flexed position leading to a dowager’s hump 
Jaw ache by being stretched/ pushed forward

As an osteopath we look at correcting these posture changes to alleviate pressure off the migraine. These posture changes can lead to straining the neck and shoulders muscles, cause restrictions in movement and compress the vagus nerve creating an over stimulation which can also be triggered by stress and reduce blood flow to the brain.

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