Forward Posture Rehabilitation


Forward Posture exercises for rehabilitation for migraine, head fog and headache sufferers.

neck posture that cause migraine

Forward posture is a very common problem for many people in society today.

evolution of humans

The evolution of forward posture

What causes forward posture: Mobile telephone being held in front of our faces for 2 hours plus a day, working in an office and using a computer a lot. Laptops are worse than desktops in general. 

Jobs that may cause or promote forward posture include:
Dentistry, nurse, midwife, nursery nurse, carer, chef, gemologist, scientist, factory work using a convener belt, soldering, office work anything evolving leaning forward.
Statistically if you have a direct family member with migraine, there is a far higher chance of you developing migraine issues and a more than 90% chance if you develop a forward posture. 
Some corrective exercises for general forward posture. To correct this it is essential that you exercise using the same technique at least once a day. 
Here is a selection of carefully chosen YouTube videos we can pick up and hunt through to see what suits us best. 
GuerrillaZen Fitness 3 essential postural correction exercises
SB Sports – For Hunching Shoulders
Wall Chest Stretch for Shoulder Relief
7 Ways To Foam Roll The Upper Back
Workout for mid and lower traps
Upper body stretches for the shoulders and upper trapezium.  
How to Foam Roll for Better Posture | Foam Rolling
Roller Dr. Dana Laridaen
Day in the life of a spine winter garden doc
Dr Brendon Bradley, DC

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Advanced Forward Posture

For those of you who have already done several weeks of the above.

GuerrillaZen Fitness take two of Blake Bowman 


For more advice specifically on you case, book a postural rectification assessment with a local Osteopath:For my local clients I recommend KAYLEIGH FUGL – OSTEOPATH & CO-WORKER
Hello, my name is Kayleigh, I am one of the Osteopaths at The Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath and I am here to help women with migraines to be pain free and live their lives. I work with on a regular basis as referring people each way is an important part of what we do.
I completed my degree to be an Osteopath after 4 years of training at Kingston. And I am also a qualified cranial osteopath.
My background is in the beauty and massage industry  where I have gained over 12 years of experience. After my qualification in beauty and massage therapy, I worked on cruise liners as a deep tissue massage therapist and then after this I have worked in various spas and clinics around Sussex and Surrey including the award winning spa, Alexander House.
I love working at The Perrymount Clinic where I provide Osteopathy, Cranial osteopathy, and Massage.

Migraines can be caused by neck and shoulder tension due to posture related changes.

Raised and rounded forward shoulders
Forward head carriage
Heavy bust area
Upper back in a flexed position leading to a dowager’s hump
Jaw ache by being stretched/ pushed forward

As an osteopath we look at correcting these posture changes to alleviate pressure off the migraine. These posture changes can lead to straining the neck and shoulders muscles, cause restrictions in movement and compress the vagus nerve creating an over stimulation which can also be triggered by stress and reduce blood flow to the brain.


I also recommend a series of Rolfing please visit Sarah's website to find out more.

I have done the series and continue to see Sarah every now and again to maintain my own posture. This has made a significant difference to my life.

Sarah Carron Qualified Rolfer and Craniosacral Therapist

Sarah Carron  Certified Rolfer® & Craniosacral Therapist

Other Recommended Osteopaths and Chiropractors Locally to Burgess Hill Migraine Center are:

The Heeler Centre Hassocks 

Paul Heeler BSc (Hons) Osteopathy


The Health Hub Haywards Heath

Sam Pargeter MChiro (Master of Chiropractic)

Lachlan Beveridge BSc (Hons) Ost

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