Sleeping After a Daith Piercing


This advice is given by Richard Soper principle at Daith Medical Ltd

The medical daith piercing is normally deeper or angled differently than a cosmetic daith piercing. The piercing point is carefully selected after several tests are completed. The test may shown that both ears are required and each has it own specific point to stimulate the nerve in the correct way. This process can be complicated and is unique to Daith Medical Ltd clinics. 

So now you have one or two daith piercings and are going to bed for the first time. First make sure you have followed the cleaning guidelines and have applied some BPA to the top of the piercing only. 

Make sure that your pillow case and bedsheets are fresh and clean and your hands are washed. No pets on the bed please, at night or during the day. (pet hair is one of the biggest risks of infection) 

You are a regular back sleeper: You should be good to go it you fall asleep on your back and wake up on your back. 

If you think you can sleep on your back with a little help. From feedback from the people pierced at with two piercing who are not natural back sleepers, the travel pillow is the most popular answer. This being a foam, feather or even wool. 

v shapped pillow for migraine patients

V shaped Duck Down:

v shaped wool washable pillow

V shaped Wool washable

Over 75% of migraineurs have neck and shoulder issues so there may be some trial and error when making your selection. There are several pillows on the market to help with neck pain. 

This article may help:

Comfortable pillow for patients after piercing

Sleeping on your side: Recommended by Richard Soper

Dont sleep directly on your piercing. These pillows have been found to help a lot. If you have to sleep on your side and wake up on the same side. 

Visit this great company 

Learn how to sleep on your back

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