Hotels Near Daith Piercing Studios


You may have to travel great distances for my service or even from abroad. Please check the latest covid19 restrictions when making enquires. I do not wish anyone to travel from outside of the UK or any great distances during lockdown. A 4/5 hour round trip may seem acceptable to some but not others. Please take this into consideration before booking.

But before booking any hotel make sure it is best for sleeping after a daith piercing.

Hotels Near Burgess Hill:

Premier Inn, Charles Avenue, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9AL

A 10 min walk, 2 min drive. From £40

Travelodge Hickstead Budget with limited amenities

5/10 Min drive. From £30

The Hickstead – 3 Star Budget with amenities

5 Mins Drive. From £80

Ockenden Manor Award winning Chef, Spa, 3 Star. From £175

10 Min Drive

Gravetye Manor. Michelin Star restaurant, Spa, 5 Star. From £450

15 Min Drive

South Lodge.  Award Winning, Spa, 5 Star. From £325

15 Min Drive

Bed & Breakfast:

A Well reviewed B&B 15 min walk, 3 mins drive. From £50
City Nearby:
Seaside City of Brighton & Hove is full of excitement, pubs, great restaurants and just a 20 min drive from Burgess Hill.
Interesting Places to visit or stay have a look at
Interesting towns nearby inc Lewes, Arundel, Eastbourne,
Interesting Villages very nearby inc Ditchling, Lindfield, Henfield, Cuckfield and Hurstpierpoint.
Big Events nearby:
South of England Show (Ardingly)
Gay Pride (Brighton)
Lewes Bonfire (Largest worldwide)
Hickstead Equestrian events is 10 mins drive.
Harley Street hotels nearby:
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