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Daith Jewellery & Upgrades
There is a wide range to choose from at your appointment.
This is just a small sample of the type of the Jewellery I offer. I am not a great advocate of piercing you with a bar, as they need to be quite long and slow down the healing (I will if we need to)
We fit implant grade titanium circular barbells (horseshoe shaped jewellery) or implant grade titanium ball closure ring (hoop with a ball) as the standard into the daith piercing. These are included in the price. If you chose a horseshoe I throw in an extra matching piece for a couple of spare balls. (not that they come loose very often, some people fiddle though) 
There is also a premium range in gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. The premium range comes with a choice of precious gemstones all hand made to your specification. If you want premium products such as platinum or gold, these will b=need to be ordered and made before the appointment and can take 4/5 weeks. 
Most of what you see below are in stock ready to use at the appointment. There is no extra charge for one or two piercings. The testing will tell us what is required. No one is going to force you to have both done. If the testing shows you need both you can always come back for the second one which is done on a different date is £75. No extra if done on the day.
Any horseshoes or any single stone BCR’s or continuous rings are not extra at the appointment. The only ones that are chargeable are gold, platinum and white gold. Some ears are more suitable for some of the designs than others, so choosing your jewellery before the appointment (unless precious metal order in advance) is not always possible. 
daith beautiful earrings for migraine patients

Jewellery available at your appointment. The rings shown in the top section below are what you get to choose from. If doing two, we are best off using a circular barbell or the easily removable Niobium continuous ring. This helps the risk assessment of being easy to take out.

There is a good selection to choose from. I use implantation quality titanium, PVD coated zircon gold, black PVD coated titanium, niobium, gold and platinum.  You choose on the day and there is no extra cost for two piercings if done on the same day. I will also throw a spare one in so you have a sample of what is used. If you want gold, or platinum please visit


You will need to order these in advance, or check stock by emailing me at richard@daith.co.uk. In case of refund or replacement check out our refund policies.

ear rings by daith
pure daith diamond earring
daith earring with purple diamond
daith earring for migraine patients
daith diamond ring
beautiful diamond earring
daith earrings for anxiety patients
diamond daith ring
ladybird daith ring gold
daith closure ring black
heart bcr yellow gold heart white gold ring
golden daith ring
diamond at daith store
daith ear rings
sample rings for piercing clients
ball closure ring diamond solitaire daith ring
ball closure ring diamond daith ring solitaire mixed gold
Daith Horseshoe
pure diamond earrings
daith golden ring with diamond
daith golden ear rings
Premium range Upgrades:
These are 10 point VS1 diamonds Upgrade £390 each 18ct yellow or white gold.
Diamond Daith Clicker
Using real diamonds upgrade in Platinum or 18ct yellow gold £595 Please order 4 weeks in advance.
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