Dysphagia Research


If you suffer with Dysphagia we are looking for people to get involved with this research and be monitored. Please call Richard at the Mid Sussex office on 01444 871369 to discuss

After we identified this form of vagus nerve stimulation could possibly help dysphagia. Richard offered the piercing to him whilst doing a migraine treatment to his wife Louise.

Simon had suffered for 30 years. When we swallow messages are sent to the glossopharyngeal, the vagus, and the hypoglossal nerves. The glossopharyngeal is considered the major nerve for the swallowing centre.

In case you have any appointment with us than don’t forget to check what happens at appointment.

Six of the cranial nerves provide the innervation for both swallowing and speech. The Vagus nerve innovates stage 2. See this explanation.

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