Video run through of the Daith Medical Aftercare pack and advise for cleaning.

Cleaning: This starts the following day and must be done just once a day only. Please remember over cleaning is worse than under-cleaning.

We will give you 1) a sealed spray saline solution 2) a bottle of lavender based aftercare. Ingredients sunflower oil, lavender, vitamin E and tee-tree oil, and niaouli.

1) BEST DONE AFTER A SHOWER very morning clean with the saline solution or freshly cooled boiled water. If using the spray saline provided, place a bit of cotton wool in each eat just to stop the saline running into your ear. Spray top and bottom where the jewellery can be seen going into the skin and coming out of the skin. Wait for 2/3 minutes for this to soak in.

Using either a piece of rolled up into a point “fresh clean kitchen roll, not the piece that had been exposed to the surface of the air” or wrap some around the end of a cotton wool bud covering the cotton wool. (cotton wool and tissue is too fibrous) . Gently dry the surface of the jewellery and skin removing any dried matter without picking it off. Just gently clean the ring area close to the wound and the wound itself, using a fresh piece of kitchen towel for either side of the piercing.

2) The oil based cleaning solution: Please put one drop at the top of each piercing once a day at night time, please do not use this as general cleaning product.


Swimming for 4 weeks in either the sea or a pool.

Pets, we all love pets but they are bacteria havens so please be careful to wash your hands before cleaning. Keep pets away from sleeping areas and change your pillow case on the day of the piercing, turning it over the next day to keep the piercing clean. Horses and pet birds have the more harmful bacteria’s associated with infection.

Try not to sleep on your fresh piercing and try to avoid knocking it.

An aircraft comfort pillow is a good idea for sleeping as it can protect your daith from the pressure of being lain on.

Washing hair is fine but always rinse of any soap away from the piercing as soon as possible.

You can expect some redness and also some discharged, this is quite often wrongly thought of as an infection. Although at this stage you are more susceptible.

You can become a Dysphagia victim. So always use precautions and suggested treatment for cleaning and healing your wound.


Irritation bumps are common with a daith piercing, these are lumps on either side of the piercing sight.  They can either be hard and lumpy of soft and full of fluid. Sometimes they may pop and then re form.

If this happens please call us to assist, we can chat through what is happening and work out a course of action for you.

Please note we can only advise people that we have pierced. If we have not pierced you please contact the person who has. 

Infection: Of course all piercing has risks, this is a would after all. If at any stage you think you have an infection  the course of action is to take professional advise in person, You can call us – There is a mobile number on the business card you where given at the consultation and piercing. You can call or visit a GP General Practitioner and get advice or treatment. You can visit accident & emergency. 


The daith piercing is always done by an experienced piercer (unless stated on a training day) At present Richard Soper does the piercing himself. Richard is the owner of Daith Medical Ltd of which or Daith Piercing For Migraine is a trading name.

Richard has been piercing since 1998 and qualified with, The British School of Body Piercing (Metalmorphosis) The method he uses is canular (a sealed packed needle) this leaves a sterile sleeve of plastic to which the jewellery is inserted. Any instruments such as tweezers, clamps, ring opening or closing pliers which are being used for the procedure as well as the jewellery, will all come from a sealed sterile packet which has been autoclaved  Clean gloves will be used to open the packets and a strict cross-contamination procedure is applied to ensure a safe, sterile result. Of course the skin will be cleaned using either a antibacterial soap or pre-injection swab before the piercing is done.


We cannot take responsibility for a non-disclosure of disease, or local infection. You will be asked at the consultation to list your ailments and medication. You will be told how to look after the piercing(s) verbally and also given written instruction. You participate in the piercing(s) of your own free will and have responsibility to take care of the piercings and take medical advice should you feel you need it.

All piercings come with a risk. We are the piercers and advisers, you are the guardian and responsible for looking after these wounds.


Daith Medical Ltd is fully insured 

Any questions please call 01444871369 for details. 

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