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Your appointment is made to see me Richard Soper What I do at Daith Medical Ltd is completely different from a cosmetic daith piercing, or even any other daith piercing service in the UK. I take away the luck factor and replace this with facts figures and testing. The consultation is 75 mins in Harley Street, London or 90 mins in Burgess Hill. 

1) You will be tested first to see how well you respond to vagus nerve stimulation and to locate the area in the daith region that will give you the most effective stimulation of your vagus nerve.

2) Other acupuncture points identified may be used if appropriate

3) There is a spine check. This involves looking and feeling (at your discretion) your upper back and neck to see if there is anything out of place or if your posture is a contributing factor. If anything is found, you will be recommended to see a qualified practitioner of your choice for further investigation. Often this can bring up some very surprising results.

4)  We will go through your medication, lifestyle and talk about your issues. Together we work out the best way forward and risk assess you for what is required one or two piercings at the already selected points. 

What I try and do is give you the whole of my experience with migraines, acupuncture, and fitness assessment to build a personal migraine management goal. With some recommendations to help you along the journey. 

If you wish to chat through your case, please feel free to call. I am always happy to talk  01444 871369 option 3

Please make sure you arrive on time so you don’t compromise the next person’s appointment. Thank You

 The therapy is auricular stimulation of the Vagus Nerve and this is how it works

Once this is explained I check all your details against what I have and start the consultation by filling in the research document as we go.  We will need to chat through your history and current medication to work out your severity for the treatment. The emphasis is on working out any contributing factors that have helped cause your issues or made them worse.  I may use some other auricular acupuncture points to enforce the therapy or help with other issues. 

You won’t be filmed unless asked so don’t worry. If you want to be filmed please let me know you are happy to do this. 

I may make recommendations and you will be sent an emailed summary of your consultation together with these recommendations if appropriate. 

ear lobes for piercing explained

Prior to the piercing, you will get to choose your jewellery from a wide selection with some fancy and some basic pieces. These are of course pre-sterilised in sealed bags ready for your daith piercing.

The area differs on different people.  To stimulate this to its maximum ability I need to do the piercing through the strongest detection for the maximum result. Not getting this point right can lead to a weak or no effect at all.

The most asked question is “does it hurt” If you class this as an injection at a doctors surgery, say for example you have booked an exotic holiday and need an injection, generally you just do it. Put this into the same category and your mind will deal with it easier. After all, it’s not going to be as painful as a migraine.

Remember, there are always horror stories, this is just another reason for choosing where I pride myself on doing what I do to the best of my ability.

After the piercing, it is very lightly you will feel relaxed, content with a warmth running through you. Any migraine symptoms usually go within a half hour of the piercing. Your neck, shoulders and jaw muscles will start to relax straight away and any “mind fog” will lift. 

There are very rarely any negative reactions as I am professional and will not do the piercing if I feel it will put you at risk. A significant amount of the consultation is a risk assessment.  If the piercing makes you worse, (my stats are 580/1) you can simply take it out.

If we have not answered all of your questions, please email me – Message me on messenger or call on 01444 871369 Option 3


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