Your Vagal Tone ?

vagus nerve stimulation for migraine via a daith piercing

Your Vagal Tone

Most people have an under-active vagal tone and are in a stress response mode most of the time. Increasing your vagal tone improves the function of many of the bodies systems, giving us a better blood sugar regulation, reduced risk of stoke, hear disease. It gives a better digestion and better production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes and helps in reducing migraines. 

Having a high vagal tone gives us a better mood with less anxiety helping us to soothe and self regulate. 


How to measure your vagal tone.

Track your heart-rate alongside your breathing rate to give you a vagal tone reading. Your heart-rate speeds up a little when your breathe in, and slows down a little when you breathe out. 

So now you have an inhalation heart-rate and an exhalation heart-rate.

A higher vagal tone is achieved when the difference is bigger between the two readings.  



A low Vagal Nerve Tone can cause the following:


Obesity, Lack of Gag Reflex
Inability to Relax, Insomnia 
Inflammation of joints, Imitable bowel syndrome, 
Dizziness and fainting, Brain and Head Fog, Heart Palpitations
Chronic fatigue, B12 deficiency
Anxiety, Depression, Heartburn
Heart disease, OCD, Alzheimer
Migraine, Cluster Headache
Headache, Fibromyalgia, Autism
Heart failure, Tinnitus, Bulimia
Alcohol addiction, Mood swings
Leaky gut' Mental Illness, Multiple sclerosis
Poor circulation (blood), Cancer, Allergies



Some great books with self help guides.

Power of the Vagus Nerve: 

Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism. Stanley Rosenberg:  Amazon 


The Body Keeps The Score:

Bellel van der Lolk M.D. Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma Amazon 


The Polyvagal Theory:

Stephen W. Porges, Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation Amazon


Activate Your Vagus Nerve

Unleash Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Dr. Navaz Habib  Amazon


Healing the Body With the Stimulation

Guide of the Vagus Nerve Gilbert Montgomery  Amazon


Access the Healing Power of Vagus Nerve

with Self-help Exercises to Reduce Inflammation, PTSD, Chronic Illness, Anxiety, Depression Lucy Holland  Amazon


Courses / workshops

 Kim Dowdell, Vagus Nerve Workshop

A truly brilliant presenter offering a vagus nerve workshop: I found both entertaining and informative. She taps into some great vagus nerve stimulation techniques for general well being and improved knowledge. This is a well prices course lasting 2 full days. or


Zariya Lufu Therapist PTSD Trauma and unloved in childhood

Facebook Group

A private space to learn to empathise with yourself and get safe.

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Direct Vagus Nerve Stimulation 

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