Heart Shape Daith Ring / Gold & Platinum


Heart Shape Daith Ring. With the growing demand for heart-shaped daith rings, BMG have designed a heart ring that sits without aggravating the piercing.

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This is probably the ‘easiest heart shaped piece of jewellery’ to fit, due to its unique straight edge, clip-in fitting that secures at the bottom. It just slides through your daith piercing and clips into place.

This new daith ring design opens up at the bottom of the heart, as with so many existing designs, the opening sits on the curved section (at the top of the heart) – making for the extreme difficulty in inserting the ring. This daith rings longest edge is straight so that this will sit in your daith piercing and not move about.

The standard gauge for this heart daith ring is 1.2mm, and the sizes vary from 6mm – 9mm. This length is for the straight edge and this is what sits inside the daith.

The daith ring clicks in place at the bottom of the ring, in a similar way to a continuous ring, the heart shape daith ring bends outwards to open the ring, and then clicks back in to close it once in your piercing. We offer this daith ring in 14ct white gold, 18ct yellow or rose and even platinum. For a super trendy daith ring choose the rose gold option.

We have managed to pair this popular design with functionality and make something that will be comfortable for your daith piercing and will suit the skin. So choose the heart shape daith ring from BMG to add a playful touch to your daith piercing.

Heart Shape Daith Ring / Gold & Platinum

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14ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct Rose Gold (+£10), Platinum (+£15)


6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm


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