[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]
[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]
[Migraine Piercing], [health], [shopify], [daith piercing for migraines]

Nature Inspired - Mouse Daith Ring

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Inspired by Nature 

Stunning new jewellery designs as part of our new Nature Collection.

Taking inspiration from the universe and the elements we have created a unique range of Daith rings - that can also be worn in many other areas of the body - with the theme of nature running all the way through.

An exquisite hand crafted animal in quality Silver, carefully attached to your choice of precious metal, makes a wonderful statement for your piercing.

Each animal is crafted in silver so please bear this in mind when choosing your selection, we have new updates for these images coming very soon!!

Please avoid all 9ct variations if you are having or have a new piercing, 9ct is only suitable for a healed piercings.

We have other animals in the range and you can choose from:


A perfect present for the nature lover in your life.
Vegan friendly - No animals were harmed in the making of this range.