Daith Piercing for Migraine Facts

Written by Richard Soper who has been researching and conducting on-going surveys since 2012 – Richard runs a daith piercing for migraine and other neurological disorders from his base in Burgess Hill and 22 Harley Street London. 

1) The daith piercing if done in the right place can stimulate the vagus nerve via the auricular branch. This is no longer un-researched and is common knowledge for doctors and neurologists. Its no secret as electronic auricular vagus nerve stimulators have been around for many years. 

2) Google “auricular stimulation of the vagus nerve” you will be amazed at what comes up. 

3) Vagus nerve stimulation in the nerve releases acetylcholine which in turn triggers the reaction of the release of several other chemicals such as oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin.

A calming effect on breathing.
A slowing of the heart rate.
The ability to bond and relate to others.
A relaxation of the muscles.
Stimulation of the digestive system
Or in other words…. see below
4) Neurological disorders with direct impact recorder from clients of daith.co.uk
Migraine 72% of people recorded at a 3-month survey of 50/100 % of migraine gone. 
Cluster Headache recorder in the above data.
Anxiety –  immediate reduction.
Vertigo –  immediate reduction.
Not so well know disorders:
Epilepsy around a 50% reduction in attacks
PTSD 30 years of nightmares and chronic anxiety (off the scale) instantly stopped 
Depression often associated with anxiety
Irritable bowel syndrome IBS
Fibromyalgia symptoms reduced FM
Stroke rehabilitation
5) There is some evidence to suggest that Botox can diminish the power of the daith piercing. So for a person having the daith piercing for migraine and anxiety, who is on botox, the piercing is less likely to work. The reason for this is that Botox inhibits the body from producing the acetylcholine which triggers the chain reaction. 
The way I deal with this therapy is to test the client first and work out exactly what is going to happen when the piercing is done. ie what their immediate reaction will be. 
I use this as a management program, using the powerful Vagus Nerve Stimulation from the piercing to deal with some of the causes. For example, someone who is no longer experiencing migraines, (which is a frequent result) due to VNS therapy,  may now feel empowered to see an Osteopath and get some fundamental back issues seen to. They may also find an exercise program for postural rectification much easier to do.
Each of us is different and everyone is a different case, motivation and encouragement play a big part in the longevity of this therapy, however, a clear concise effective new therapy is emerging.
This therapy is also proving to be possibly the most effective way to deal with migraines and anxiety.  
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