Pain Free Daith Piercing in Harley Street next Wednesday.
With the help of Paul Heeler (Heeler centre Hassocks)
On Wednesday 13th March 2019  Burgess Hill based, daith piercing for migraine specialist Richard Soper and Tracy Perkins invite Osteopath and Scar healing pioneer Paul Heeler to their London Harley Street clinic.
Above Richard Soper & Tracy Perkins
What Paul does is a very specialist technique he has pioneered over several years. There is a strong chance just by gently massaging the area to be pierced that the piercing will be either pain free or less than half as painful as it would be if it was done without the treatment, the piercing are also likely to heal quicker than normal.
Paul states “During the healing process scar tissue adhesion can be created, causing pulling and tethering to the fascia which encases the muscles.  This can cause pain, thickening of the tissue and skin and a loss of flexibility. Scar Tissue Release Therapy will help manually to unwind, soften and improve a scar. The treatment is effective both post operative or on older established scars.”
Paul will be working at the daith piercing clinic run by Richard Soper & his associate Tracy Perkins on Wednesday 13th March for the day dealing with the days booked clients, and attempting to make the piercing pretty much pain free. We are glad to know you that we have successfully handled many unusual cases of daith piercing in the past.
Richard Soper says “I am really looking forward to the day, I know that at least 2 of our Harley Street customers will need both sides done so we will do one side with the treatment and one side without to see the difference it makes. We have been running this clinic for 16 months now, and it attracts people from all over the world in fact the last clinic we did, literally half of the days patients made the journey from overseas.
Paul who runs the multi-disciplinary aptly named Heeler Centre in Hassocks, will be doing spine checks and trying out a scar tissue healing technique on the daith area of the ear before the vagus nerve stimulation via a daith piercing is done.
The technique together with its used, benefits and testimonials can be seen at Paul’s new website
The migraine clinic together with the other 4 clinics run by Richard Soper & Tracy Perkins can be found at
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