Daith Piercing for Migraines – How This Works

This is one of the most argued about and debated subjects on the internet. There are groups of professional researchers and groups of both piercers, doctors and acupuncturists with opposing views.  Unbelievably, there is even a group of supposed UK piercing professionals abusing and sabotaging other piercers who advocate this piercing.

It appears to us that very many piercers, migraine specialists and migraine organisations are saying this is either placebo effect, or acupuncture or a mix of both.


Acupuncturists mostly agree this is interesting but they can’t work out why it works. A lot of piercers are getting acupuncture charts and trying to pierce point zero. Point zero is on the descending part of the ear called the daith and is quite central on the ear. This point is used for treating various conditions including pain, sedation, addiction treatment, and inflammation. Not for migraine. It is common knowledge in the piercing world that the piercing works better if the placement is the other end of the daith almost into the top part of the ear canal. Maybe those piercing sceptics are piercing the wrong place and therefore not getting the results they are looking for?

To find out how this works and what causes the reduction of migraines, and discover what else this can help with, just click the link below.

This is revealed for the first time here. https://daith.co.uk/pages/research-to-date

To have this done professionally as a medical piercing, and to become part of our important research project, please book your appointment at one of the dedicated daith piercing clinics listed below. This is the pain free daith piercing in harley street.

Your appointment will be for one hour, during this time we will go through your history, medication and symptoms. After the appointment you will receive an email with recommendations and advice, this will help with the long term success of your treatment.

The correct point for the piercing is diagnosed electronically. This is not about a piercing, the piercing is just the medium for the treatment. This is about maximising your chances of getting the best possible treatment for the symptoms you have and eliminating any chance of misplacement. It is also about keeping you off Triptans and taking away your pain on a long term basis, not just for a few weeks.

Find out how this works and discover what other similar treatments are available that work in the same way.

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